Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Surgery and The Days After... April 8th - April 11th, 2010

The surgery went well, very long day, but in the end it went well. We got there around 11am, and I had the radioisotopes injected into me. Waited around and then went to pre-op where I had a bunch of nurses come talk to me, an IV hooked up, which was great since I was so dehydrated from the no food/liquid after midnight rule and heard the babies heart beat. Beating strong. Then around 2 pm I was wheeled into the operating room. Lying on the table, under the big lights, as all the masked doctors and machines beeping surround me, I had my breakdown. I was so good up until then! I wasn’t scared for me, just for the baby. So I cried for a little as all the nurses came over to hold me and reassure me everything would be ok. Took a few deep breaths into the mask and out I was, and baby too, under anesthesia. Bye bye lump! About 2 hours later I woke up barely, but wasn’t ready to see Larry, sorry babe. Soon I heard the doctor say the procedure went well, the tumor was small, about pea size, they removed it and a good amount around it. They also removed 3 lymph nodes, each about the size of a peanut! Soon after the nurse came in and I heard the babies heart beat again!! Strong again! Stronger than mine! I was so relieved. I saw Larry for a little, we exchanged notes and then I felt sick so he left. And I slept for 2 more hours! Again, sorry Larry! I think we are now even for time spent in a waiting room for spouse!
Finally at 7, I woke up, talked with Larry, he may have even taken some more pics, got sick and then felt better and headed home. Got home, got sick again, but felt great after, had some bread and meds and slept!!!  

Results will be in Wednesday April 13th, 2010.  We are hoping for clear margins and no cancer in the nodes!

The past few days have been both relaxing and fun! Very little cancer talk, except showing off my bruised boob to a few friends!! I watched movies and napped with Larry on Friday. Went out for breakfast, pedicures and shopped with Sarah and friends on Saturday. (I must be back to normal if I can shop for 5 hours!) Sunday we had friends over, went for a walk, played with their babies, and grilled!!! I love good weather, friends and grillin!

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  1. Thinking about you and praying everyday! You WILL beat this! And you will have a beautiful baby and family to spend a lifetime with! Sending you good vibes for a positive outcome tomorrow!!!