Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week recap and 3D baby photos!

June has just flew by! I can't believe July is almost here..  and then August and baby!  I'm at 29 weeks today which means if I get induced at week 35, I only have 6 weeks left! Am I ready?? To hold her yes, her bedroom and all the supplies ready... Nope! But we will figure it out in July.
This 3rd dose of chemo went well also.  Only side effect - tired!  But that could also be from being pregnant and being so busy the last 3 weeks with 2 baby showers and lots of family time!   Debbie leaves today after 3 weeks! She was a great help and will be missed until August!  Who will watch the bachelorette with me? Then again, in 6 weeks, who will have time for reality tv shows!

Yesterday was an exciting afternoon.  I took grandmas and great grandma to a 3D ultrasound experience of our baby.   My grandma was just so amazed -  at 92 - the first ultrasound she has seen! I think we were all amazed.  It was a little freaky to see her looking so real in there!  Moving around and yawning, all snuggled up.  She has more hair then me! (maybe that explains the heartburn!) And a cute nose and round cheeks.   And all 5 toes!  Crazy how much they are developed in there and only at 2.6 lbs!   xoxo

Here are some pictures!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sarah's Baby shower recap!

Sarah's baby shower was another fun filled baby event! Lots of family and friends and of course presents! I had a lot of help from the moms, Auntie Susie, Debbie, Sarah's sisters in law, and her girlfriends!  She looked great!  One of the highlights was the "make a onesie"!   So many people made some adorable onesies for baby Shibley!  Check out some pictures!   Thanks to everyone who baked and helped out that day!   I'm so excited for Sarah and Jesse!  Now have fun organizing all those great gifts!! 

Baby Shibley's 3 Great Grandmothers!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby Shower for Sarah!!

Today is Sarah's Baby shower!!  I am so excited for her!  I hope she has so much fun and we take more pregnant sister belly photos!   I love Sarah so much!  She does so much for me and everyone in her life - she deserves the best day ever!  Have fun opening all your presents! Check back later for a recap and photos!   xoxo

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chemo dose 3!! Live from boston

Here we go again!  Sitting in my recliner, 10th floor, getting the red stuff now!  Today was an afternoon appointment so I was able to work a half day then we came out.  Blood work and meeting with NP was quick and everything looked good.  Then we waited about an hour an a half to be taken in.   Larry had to leave for Colorado at 4pm but luckily I have Debbie with me!   Just finished the red stuff and now I'm on to the IV.  This place is much quieter this time, probably because it is so late.  At least we will be missing traffic since we will be here for a while!   My plan was to write out my thank you cards but my IV is right between my thumb and index finger on my right hand... so i'm not sure how that will work.. I'm typing with my left hand and one finger! 

Other than that.. not too much new.  The other day I was so sick of my peach fuzz falling everywhere and itching.. so Larry and I shaved my head more; almost down to the skin in some places... I think now I need to take a hand razor to it and shine up my head!  And my eye glasses fall off if I look down!

Hope everyone is well!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend recap! Happy Father's Day

Hi everyone.. sorry I haven't written much.. it has been busy!  Thursday was Larry's 36th Birthday and we celebrated by seeing our baby again!  We had an ultrasound and took his Mom Debbie with us! Her first time seeing an ultrasound!   Baby is doing great.  Just where she should be for 27 weeks..  2 lbs, 2 ounces.  The appointment took so long, I was exhausted just from sitting all morning.   So we came home and took a nap,  then went to Blue Ginger (Ming Tsai's restaurant) for dinner!  Delicious meal!  
Friday we worked and made some homemade pizza on the grill and Saturday we ran errands and cleaned the house.   Finally got some tomatoes planted in the garden and planted basil again (hopefully this time the rabbit wont eat it)!  I also finished getting the last few things for Sarah's baby shower..  I cant wait -it is coming up this weekend! 
Sunday stayed busy as well. My friend Jasmine was visiting from California and we went to breakfast at the Tower Hill Botanical Gardens.  It was so pretty and peaceful there, I need to go back.  But it is always great to spend time with her!   Then I came home and had the family over for Father's Day.    Even tho Larry is a soon to be dad.. he did all the cooking! 
This week will be busy as well.  Tuesday we have our first baby class!  I think it's on how to change diapers and make babies stop crying! haha.. I'm pretty sure Larry picked this class! I told him he could just practice on my friends' kids -  but it will be fun to get us ready for our little gift.   Wednesday I have chemo #3, hopefully it goes as well as the second one did.   And then Larry is off to Colorado for a few days.  

I hope everyone had a great weekend and all the Dads, new Dads, and soon to be Dads had a great Father's Day!   xoxo

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby Shower!! June 13th, 2010

My baby shower was just amazing!   My mom, sister and friends did such a great job, nothing was missed!  It was a Vintage Theme and they had all my old toys and dolls as centerpieces! And a candy buffet with all  my old favorite candy... including buttons!  So many family and friends came, I really feel so loved!  I have to say my favorite gifts are the homemade ones!  Esp the crib bedding from my Aunt Susie and blanket from my Mom. It's just so beautiful and more than I could imagine. Also the huge doll house bookcase by my friend Don.  Now I need the furniture to arrive and to set up the room!  It was a great day and just made everything seem so real... and that our little girl will be here soon!!   Here are some pics!  Thanks to everyone!! Love you all!  You keep me going!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Getting ready for the Big day!

This week went well.  Worked, kept busy with things for Sarah's shower and enjoyed dinner at my grandmothers! I really wish the rain would stop and the sun would come out so I could sit outside.   But instead we are relaxing in the sun room.   Really relaxing.  I don't think Larry has left the couch yet - too much soccer on tv.  I stepped out to get a manicure and pedicure for tomorrow!  Now I'm back on the couch too. Tomorrow is coming soon!  Makes the delivery date seem so much closer. I am very excited to have a whole day dedicated to just the baby and to see all my friends and family!   As Sarah and I always joke...  "No Boobie talk!  Just Baby talk!"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Feeling good!

This second round of chemo was actually better than the first!  It has been 1 week and I have had no constipation!!!  I know, I celebrate the weirdest things!  Because I didn't get nausea from the first round, they lowered my nausea medicine this time and that really helped.  I think we found the right balance.  No constipation,  I was able to sleep each night without any sedatives, and I still have some energy.  My hair however, is still falling out!  The peach fuzz is slowly going away and it is weird, patchy and thinner.  I am getting used to my wig altho I still love to take it off the minute I get home, or sometimes as soon as I leave the work parking lot.   
So the only uncomfortable thing I have been feeling - Heartburn! But it's ok!  Cause that's a pregnancy thing and I will take on any pregnancy pains!  She is moving more too!  I can't believe she will be here in about 9 weeks!  We met a great pediatrician yesterday as well!  Another thing accomplished.

This weekend was very productive and we have been keeping busy.  The baby room was cleaned out and mostly painted.  (Thanks to my dad and Larry).   We cleaned out closets, my mom did my laundry and made my bed, and my mom and grandmother helped make favors for Sarah's baby shower!!  I just managed everyone and made lunch and dinner! 

Today my mother in law comes in for a 3 week stay!  I am excited to see her and we have a lot planned, my baby shower is this weekend!    So for the next few days I am going to take it easy so on Sunday I feel great to see all my family and friends!  xoxo

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Turning 35...

"What a difference a year makes".... has been the thought that keeps running through my mind lately. Typically when I have a birthday I think back over the year; what I struggled with, what I enjoyed the most, what I have accomplished or hadn't yet, how I have grown and what is important for me in the new year to come. Even before the cancer I have always known we are only in this life for an unknown time period, whatever it may be, so make the most of it now! In someways, be selfish and do the things you want to do, for you, not for others - they have their life too, but this is your only chance to explore the world, experience life's great gifts, and be with the people that are important to you. Do not waste time regretting things in the past, acknowledge them, grow from them, but let them go and move forward. Live your life!

I am very satisfied in what I have accomplished over the last 34 years; college- both for the degrees and living the college life with great friends, traveling to Europe to live in Italy for a summer, Partying in NYC for many, many weekends, or even experiencing a Woodstock weekend in the 90s; finding a great husband and traveling to so many parts of the world with him, then finding a great home, and successful jobs we enjoy. But of course I have a much bigger, growing "bucket" list that year by year I hope to accomplish; including having at least one child and raising her with Larry, remaining close with my family, continuing to socialize (although not the same partying as in my 20s) but still growing old with my fun friends, and traveling the rest of the world.

Probably the most important thing I learned when I was 34 came from my infertility mind/body class. This current struggle in your life is just a short time period in your lifetime, it is NOT your entire life. In a year so much can happen, and so much can change, both difficult things and amazingly great experiences. Wouldn't this have been so helpful when I was younger and spent days crying over a guy? Just to realize a year later I would be laughing that I even liked such a loser!

Two years ago was a tough year. My family had lost a few relatives. I was a very lucky grandchild, I had all 4 grandparents in my life until I was 30 years old, had even met 3 great grandparents when younger, 2 whom I remember so well since I was an early teen before they passed. So by two years ago I had lost one grandmother, then 3 great aunts and then in March 08 my grandfather DiCicco passed away. This was really hard for me, not only cause I loved him so much but also to see my Grandmother DiCicco lose her husband and be alone. We are extremely close and she has taught me so much! But in 08 it was also a great year for Larry. In 07 was his emergency surgery and by the summer 08 he was back to being healthy and active again.

In 09 - at 34, I was still struggling with trying to get pregnant. Oddly enough I was actually more depressed or frustrated with my life circumstances then I am now. So far anyways, infertility just hit me so much harder and was a stronger, more difficult battle. Check back next year to see if I still feel the same way!

But 09 also created one of my favorite memories!!! Traveling to Italy with my family! My 92 yr old gram, my parents, Sarah & Jesse, Uncle Ted and cousins Pete and Laura - 9 of us -sometimes packed in a van, touring Florence, Sorrento, Capri, Rome and my favorite, Panni! A little hillside village where my grandmother's family grew up, where my great grandparents were born! And we even met relatives including my grandmother's cousin! Amazing experience.

And now at 35, I may have a new struggle to face but in a year from now the toughest part will be past me. And I know I can do this. And from just 1 year ago, my struggle with infertility is over! I am pregnant and having a baby! Soon too! This will be the best experience of being 35!

I experienced and learned so much while 34; to see things day by day, to know it's ok to cry and be emotional but to see things logically too, to be hopeful, to enjoy things in life daily, and to breathe! Each year has good and bad, but in a year so much can change, so in between your struggles with the bad, enjoy the good life has to offer! Good and bad experiences will happen but your family, friends and the world, will be there year after year and that is all you need! Oh and you are never too old to get a passport and travel to Italy! xoxo

Last weekend's Birthday recap! May 29-31st!

Last weekend I turned 35 and had a great long weekend celebrating with some of my best friends and family.   Saturday I went to Michelle's... 9 college friends and 7 kids, lots of food, drinks and laughter.   My first day showing off my new wig and my bald head.  My friends make me some comfortable, I know I can just be who I am and they don't care!   They all wore pink!  Even the guys.   And pink balloons everywhere!  I was able to take off my wig and show them my peach fuzz... and by the end of the evening and some friends and kids tried it on!  Thanks again everyone!  Love you!

Sunday the celebrating continued with a cookout at my parent's home, with Sarah and Jesse, Grandma, my aunt Dianne and some neighbors!  Great ribs Dad!! Again sporting the wig but especially because it was so hot out, I took my wig off for everyone and stayed bald a lot of the day.   Everyone made me so comfortable and most of the day was baby talk and baby shower talk!  Being around Sarah is the best cause we talk baby stuff so much! It is so fun going thru this with her! And of course we had a little fun!  Joking about the upcoming delivery and how my mom will be! I surprised some people and threw on a blond wig for cake time!  And yes I got a barbie doll cake!  I do every year- you can never be too old for a doll cake!  And the best laugh of the day, my Gram, who is always up for anything, had fun with me too... trying on my wig!  Thanks again family! Love you!
Monday Larry and I relaxed and enjoyed the day off, laying on the hammock and grilling up dinner! And of course watching my (I mean our) new tv!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Live from Boston! It's Chemo Dose 2!

Hi everyone.  Today I am back at Dana Farber for my second dose of Chemo.   Today has gone much better then the first time but it's still a long day.   We got here around 9 am and they drew blood.  My white blood cell counts were good.  Around 10:30 we then met with the doctor to go over my side effects and questions from last time and yes I told her the worse was the constipation .  They told me to take Senokot along with Colace and I could take less nausea medicine since I did so well last time.   Bring on the prunes!  Then we came up to the chemo floor and it was only about a 30 min wait, enough time to grab a quick lunch.  Today I got seated in the guys section, a room for 4 people, 3men and me!  I got my fluids and my nausea meds and then quickly started the poison!   Check out this pic of the red poison! 

That went quick and now I am just sitting back while my second poison is dripping in.  On my laptop, checking work emails, and chatting with Sarah and my mom!   It's not too bad.  And I think we will get out of here before traffic!  xoxo