Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week recap and 3D baby photos!

June has just flew by! I can't believe July is almost here..  and then August and baby!  I'm at 29 weeks today which means if I get induced at week 35, I only have 6 weeks left! Am I ready?? To hold her yes, her bedroom and all the supplies ready... Nope! But we will figure it out in July.
This 3rd dose of chemo went well also.  Only side effect - tired!  But that could also be from being pregnant and being so busy the last 3 weeks with 2 baby showers and lots of family time!   Debbie leaves today after 3 weeks! She was a great help and will be missed until August!  Who will watch the bachelorette with me? Then again, in 6 weeks, who will have time for reality tv shows!

Yesterday was an exciting afternoon.  I took grandmas and great grandma to a 3D ultrasound experience of our baby.   My grandma was just so amazed -  at 92 - the first ultrasound she has seen! I think we were all amazed.  It was a little freaky to see her looking so real in there!  Moving around and yawning, all snuggled up.  She has more hair then me! (maybe that explains the heartburn!) And a cute nose and round cheeks.   And all 5 toes!  Crazy how much they are developed in there and only at 2.6 lbs!   xoxo

Here are some pictures!

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  1. Becky - it was a wonderful experience for me and gram to be a part of God's gift of birth. I can't wait to actually see and hold my grandbabies. Thank you for having me be a part of this day. And, you beamed all day...or as I say to you...shine! We love you - grandparents Mom & Dad