Promise to Me

One of the best ways to help me and others is to first take care of yourself! 

How can I promise to be there for my little girl? I must stay strong and take care of myself, mentally and physically! I made a Promise to Me to do so. Many of you know ironically I work for Hologic, a women's health company which, among other things, specializes in breast cancer detection instruments and radiation treatment options. Hologic has started the Promise to Me project and I feel strongly about this simple goal, to have every strong woman make the promise to take care of their health! 

It is very simple, click here and take the Promise to Me. At 34 I never thought I would be dealing with cancer but as you all know, you are NEVER too young. NOW is the time to start taking control of your health and your future. Make the promise to take care of yourself and get your yearly medical exams. Between yearly exams, give yourself monthly breast exams. It is up to us strong women to teach our daughters and tell our friends how simple yearly exams and monthly checks can help us remain strong and be there for others.

To the men in my life; my husband, fathers, brother-in-laws, uncles, cousins, guy friends and any man out there; if you love a strong woman, have a mother, wife, girlfriend or daughter, be a strong man and tell them to take care of themselves so that they can be there for you for a long time.