Sunday, May 29, 2011

Burn Baby Burn

Since I haven't written in a while, I'll write a few post from the last couple of months.    In February I went to Framingham for radiation.   It was every morning around 7am for 33 days.  There was no way I was driving to Boston ever day for 33 days in a row.. especially in the snow and commuting  hours.   Dana-Farber recommended Framingham Cancer center for radiation.   7 minutes from my house!   The first day I was so nervous - I knew it wouldn't physically hurt but I also knew something was beaming down right at my heart.   I laid on this table with my arms in some awkward position above my head  and my head turned to the side. The head position was the most uncomfortable part physically - especially when the first week or two it took about 30 minutes.  
I cried.  But not from the pain.   I have come to realize anytime I do something for the first time - cancer related - I will probably cry.   To me it was another reminder that I have breast cancer and that  it is serious.    I have gotten so used to chemo - every 3 weeks stop in to Boston, see my nurse, get hooked up, play on laptop, leave.  Felt almost like just a typical doctors visit..  almost forgetting that I am getting some strong drug injected into my body to kill my cells.  I think it's a good thing to get comfortable and forget the details for this anyways!   So being my first day at radiation I was reminded that yes you have cancer and you are still being treated.  And I cried.  But days went by and the action became repetitive and took less time and the tears were replaced with quick small talk with the nurse and off to work!  
My skin handled radiation pretty well I think.  I would put lotion on every night..  a lot of lotion.. so much that my shirt would stick to my chest wall.    And soon you could see my tan!  a Big square tan area where my breast used to be.    (it's still slightly tan today)  Towards the end of treatments my skin did begin to peal - just like any bad sunburn - and the raw skin was exposed.  I had to stop treatment for a couple days to let it heal so that it wouldn't blister or form puss.  Again lots more lotion..  now the thick aquaphor.    After a few days off I resumed treatment and before you know it 33 treatments were over!   Another cancer step complete!

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