Thursday, March 10, 2011

1 Boob, 2 Bras!

Ok I wanted to share a few things about having 1 breast.. mostly for other women.  
First and foremost...  what I did learn is my boob does NOT define me.   I was so nervous before surgery that I would be a different person without the boob.. but even the next day I was the same.    I was still a mom, still a wife, sister, daughter, friend..  still funny and still a woman. 
Larry is still an amazing husband..  still loves me, still is attracted to me..    As he would say... Your other boob still is great!  
The chest wall.  With the breast removed my chest wall is so flat.. feels like it's to the bone/ribs.  Or like a teenage boy! No muscle, no fat, just skin on bone.  (again if only my abs/thighs could be more like this!)  Sometimes I think I can feel cold drinks pass through my esophagus now, or my heart beating!

Another problem with the left boob gone..  there is now a direct view to my stomach!  Before the breast bump could somewhat hide the stomach bump..  Not now.  I will need to work on that!  
The foam boob..  I should take a picture soon.  Basically I was given a sports bra thing that holds a foam boob. It was stiff, shaped like a big triangle and not at all real looking or feeling.  It basically was worn to fill in space under a shirt..  Besides being so uncomfortable the foam boob was so stiff. The sports bra thing did not have any support.. so my fake foam boob was up higher than my real boob.  If I just placed the foam boob into a regular wired bra it would shift.. and eventually be coming out of my shirt at my neck!     For a couple of days I tried so hard to even out the breasts..  
One day my best option was.. 2 bras!   Yep I would wear the sports bra to hold the foam boob in place.. and than place a regular to lift my right real boob.  They were even.. but 2 bras are not comfortable! 

Finally I received my real fake boob!  The chicken cutlet.. it feels nice, has great shape and fits in my regular bra once a pocket is sewn.   I was able to buy it at Nordstroms!   Who knew they sold boobs!  And they will fix any bras purchased there.    I will take some pictures soon!  But at least for now..  I have 1 great boob, 1 great fake boob, and some nice bras!


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