Thursday, March 10, 2011

Babies Babies Babies!

I promised everyone a post about babies.. and here it is!   Emelia is the best!  And Ava is a very close second!  (Also Larry, Sarah, my parents, friends...)   But Back to babies!   Every day is just filled with joy, hearing new sounds from Emmy's voice, watching her learn and figure things out.. or just try to attempt to put everything in her mouth!  And then those little touches and looks..  melts my heart! 

In the last few months we have done a lot!  Mostly we try to spend time with Sarah, Jesse and Ava.  We have had 2 sleepovers there which were a blast.. they are slowly starting to recognize each other!   We have also had a few fun play dates!  And a great time at a birthday party at the gym!  She loved the balance beam! We take her to the mall, to dinners, and to friends houses too!  Larry's parents were able to visit in December for Christmas and we all really enjoyed their company and her spending time with them!   My mom lovingly watches Emelia 4 days a week!  It's great for both of them!

Emmy and Ava

Emelia loves to make raspberries and can now sit up on her own.  A few times she goes for a toy and face plants into the mat.   One day she rolled over 3 times for me..  but since then its been a struggle!   Here are a couple pictures of her. Today she weighs 14lbs 2 oz..  4percentile! 

Larry has been the best dad ever!  Always playing with her and teaching her new things.   And he makes all her food!

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