Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Live from Boston! It's Chemo Dose 2!

Hi everyone.  Today I am back at Dana Farber for my second dose of Chemo.   Today has gone much better then the first time but it's still a long day.   We got here around 9 am and they drew blood.  My white blood cell counts were good.  Around 10:30 we then met with the doctor to go over my side effects and questions from last time and yes I told her the worse was the constipation .  They told me to take Senokot along with Colace and I could take less nausea medicine since I did so well last time.   Bring on the prunes!  Then we came up to the chemo floor and it was only about a 30 min wait, enough time to grab a quick lunch.  Today I got seated in the guys section, a room for 4 people, 3men and me!  I got my fluids and my nausea meds and then quickly started the poison!   Check out this pic of the red poison! 

That went quick and now I am just sitting back while my second poison is dripping in.  On my laptop, checking work emails, and chatting with Sarah and my mom!   It's not too bad.  And I think we will get out of here before traffic!  xoxo

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