Sunday, May 30, 2010

From Beard to Bald to Blond??

OK maybe I didn't have a full beard...  but as you read last week, being pregnant or Italian and getting older, hair was growing on my chin, upper lip etc..  forcing me to pluck all the time!   Tuesday night I was anxious, tossed and turned.  I knew the day was near and I had been noticing a little more hair coming out here and there.  On Wednesday Larry and I went into Boston again.  We met with the radiation oncologist, and although I was hearing information I mostly knew, I think my nerves for what was to come got to me and I cried.  The outcome of that meeting was radiation will come after chemo and after the mastectomy, every day for 6 weeks.   Finally we left Dana Farber, went to Newbury St., walked again through the gardens, checked out the new flowers and then had lunch outside.  It was a hot beautiful day and the walk and lunch relaxed me.  Here are some pics of when my friends went wig shopping with me for the first time and some of the wigs I tried on.   It's great to have people go with you!


These were ok.  But 100% fake hair and felt funny.   Although I do like having longer  hair! 
Back to Wednesday:   After lunch we headed up to Salon 10.  Patricia at the Salon is so nice and compassionate and let me have as much fun as I wanted.  We sat in a private room and she asked me if I wanted to face the mirror or face away.  For me it was easier to face the mirror and see it come off little by little.   We put my hair in pigtails so it could be donated.  And then she began to cut them off.  That wasn't too bad.   My hair was messy and short.   Then the razor came out.  And the first strip of hair was removed. I was ok.  I didn't cry.  And it actually felt freeing and clean.  Larry was snapping pictures the entire time and sending them to Sarah.  When the sides were all trimmed but the top remained, I looked horrible; like a boy or very butch!  
(Side note: if I was going to be a lesbian, I would keep my long hair and be a femme, not butch! )
But I did have a nice, round, bump free head!   Then we had some fun!   Patricia added some gel and spiked up my hair, like a mohawk.  Probably my worst hair style that day!  I can't even believe I am posting and sharing that one! Then the shaving continued.   

And soon after I was Bald!  I kept touching my head!  Felt like the back of Larry's head when he gets it cut.   Peach fuzz.  I still keep touching my head.  It's just so different!  Oh and of course Larry noticed my gray patch! And all the grays growing everywhere.  Can you dye peach fuzz? 
When Patricia left to get my "wig" I grabbed the razor and did my best Crazy Britney Spears photo! Then we grabbed another wig to see what I may look like when I'm 75?  She came back with the "wig"  and I was finally ..............Blond!!  hahaha.   Just what Larry wanted!

Don't worry,  I didn't really go blond...  and  I don't think I look that great as a blond, maybe if I lightened my eyebrows?   My new wig, which I think was a great color match, I am still getting used to wearing.  I'll go back in a week to make any style changes.  It's like wearing a hat all day.  Hopefully that feeling will go away.  When I'm home I usually take it off and just go bald, since that feels more natural to me and more comfortable.  Plus I don't notice being bald, unless I walk by a mirror.  Larry looks at me more then I do, but I think he is adjusting really well.     So here it is!   My new wig and the new me!
Hope everyone is enjoying this great long weekend!   Yesterday was my birthday.. still celebrating.. recap will come later!


  1. Becky, your new hair looks so natural!! I can't believe it's not. It's so inspiring that you're smiling in all these photos; especially knowing how nervous you were to lose your hair. This is a courageous photo shoot and your daughter will love to see these pictures of her brave momma someday.

  2. Hi Becky, it is really nice to see all these pictures, what an adventure. You look beautiful!

  3. AWESOME post Becky! You look beautiful! Continue to smile....
    Love Christy

  4. Becky - not bad for a blond! All I see are those big beautiful eyes....and the beautiful women you are. ....What grey hair? Love, Mom

  5. i told this to a friend of mine who was going through the same thing in 2009 and now it's behind her --- your hair has gone on a little vacation and it will be back. And it's now back.
    - Brian W.

  6. love the post Becks! So inspirational to see you smiling and having fun with it! It's hair and it grows back! Love the new wig!

    Love ya

  7. Amazing blog! I thought that I would never see you bald in this life time. You look fine. You look like Sinead O'Connor. You have such a good attitude towards life that people will look pass the wig and only see the big smile on your face. BTW, Blonde, brunette it does not look good in all of them. Although this is not about Larry, he should be happier to get the chance to live with a blonde and a brunette. LOL!


  8. Well done. One step closer to the end right? Just wanted to drop a note and let you know I'm following along with you - great blog. Just actually shaved my head as well this past weekend. My husband did it along with a photo shoot (which funny enough also included a mohawk - ha!). Hope your little girl is kicking away in there reminding you of the good things to come. My little boy is def reminding me.

    Thinking of you and grateful for your smart and sassy blog - I'm right there with you every step of the way so feel free to drop me a note if you want to chat.

    X Cara from YSC

  9. Becky,
    I think the wig looks fantastic on you!!
    You’d never know it was a wig.
    You look sassy bald. Both are great.
    You are definitely an inspiration.
    Keep Smiling!!

  10. I think you look amazingly beautiful bald! Well, you have your fuzz left - and yes, that will go patches. I'm going to upload more pics from my trip for you to see....but I'm still enjoying how absolutely gorgeous you look. Doug always said I looked like a superhero bald. I didn't believe him at the time..but now seeing you - I understand. Hope to see you soon! xo

  11. Becky, You are on strong momma. I love all the pictures, especially you're Britney one. Keep smiling, she's almost here!
    Chrissy S.