Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Relaxing weekend.... Busy week ahead.

I had a great relaxing weekend with Larry.  Saturday running errands and then him cooking my favorite meal on the grill; steak with blue cheese on top, grilled portobella mushrooms and zucchini and garlic bread! Summer grilling just taste so good!  Then Sunday was busy with a family graduation party and friend's baby baptism.  Being around people and especially kids is such a great distraction and makes me even more excited to be a mom soon.   Last night was special too.   last minute, I was able to see a friend's baby who was just 9 days old! She is adorable, small, soft, precious!  Another friend for my girl to play with!
This week will be busy.  Work Monday and today.  Tomorrow we are meeting with a new radiation doctor to talk about what that will involve.  And then a quick lunch and off to get my head shaved.   I'm getting a little anxious for this head shaving thing.  As much as we can try and make it fun, I'm sure it will be emotional more so in the fact that it's another situation where I face cancer, verses just going on my day to day.  I had one dream where all my hair fell out. And I'm so itchy thinking that hair is just falling out all over my body.  Yesterday it seemed like every time I touched my hair a strand or two came out.  The funny thing is, even before cancer, I lose hair all the time. My bathroom floor always has hair on it.  So I don't think it has increased.  I think Dr. Oz once said if you run fingers through your hair and more then 10 strands come out all the time,  then you should be concerned.  I think I'm at 4-5 today.  Plus I blame yesterday on the weather yesterday!  My hair was frizzy to begin with!

Thursday I have an ultrasound to check on this little girl, then meet with my high risk obgyn, and I have a new list of questions for her!  Then I will have an echocardiogram to check on my heart.  And later I meet with my other obgyn.  I'm still trying to figure out who will deliver me and where I will go since both obs say they will do it.

Check back tomorrow for wig pics!


  1. Keep shining Becky - WE LOVE YOU - MOM & DAD

  2. Becky - A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey...BUT a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will be stronger - love you, Mom

  3. You're going to look fabulous as ever!

  4. I am thinking of you and sending you hugs...good luck tomorrow XOXO

  5. Rebecca, I can imagine the head shaving thing to be scary, depressing, and freaky ... but also liberating and super cool for summer ... I can't tell you how many times I've wished to do it on a hot summer day ... I know you have been left without a choice, so SO not fun ... but if there's any way to ENJOY it ... I know you will find the small joy in it ... your attitude astounds me and gives me hope to get through mundane daily 'crap' with a better attitude ... I know that someday I will read the END of this blog as an incredible success story ... thanks for sharing your journey ... you are admired AND prayed for!!!

  6. Becky, I am your mom and dad's long distance
    friend,Lois. Mom shared your blog with me. I think you are amazing. You are an inspiration to
    anyone who has or will have a child and anyone
    who has had a physical ailment. Your strength,
    determination, sense of humor in the challenges you are facing are incredible. My prayers for all of you wlil continue. God Bless

  7. Senidng you good thoughts and hugs today!!!! Can't wait to see you this weekend! You are truely an inspiration to me!!!!

  8. Hey Beck- I need to ask my cousin (she's an ENT doc) about the mouth-rinse that they suggest for chemo work....I think it involves Mallox and some anesthetic...it is supposed to coat the mouth lining so it doesn't hurt as much. unfortunately, the chemo hits those fast growing cells (skin, hair, mouth) too...if only it made us look like we had gotten plastic surgery to look 15 years younger.XOXO-Rose