Monday, May 17, 2010

Bruised Placenta?? May 15th, 2010

(Warning post is kind of gross, esp for "men!")

One thing I think I have learned and "almost" mastered over the last couple of years is to try not to freak out and worry until you actually know something is wrong.   Easier said then done but if you can do it, it makes things so much easier.  So all through the early pregnancy I tried not to worry about losing the baby.  I think going through IVF in general made me worry more because of the initial struggle and not wanting to deal with it again.   So I would tell myself, if you are not cramping and bleeding then you and your baby are ok.   And I have continued to think that.   So Saturday morning I woke to my biggest fear, bleeding.   

I had slept so good Friday night.  When I woke up I felt a little wet but thought maybe I just couldn't control my bladder in my sleep (pregnancy thing i think?) So I went to the bathroom and there it was, blood everywhere, my underwear, pants and thighs.  My initial reaction was WTF is this? Like when you get your period when you don't expect it.   Didn't even think it was the baby.  Maybe I was still half asleep.  Then I went into freak out mode; remembering I was pregnant and this isn't good. It's the one thing I told myself I could worry about!   And then I screamed for Larry.  Within 2 minutes Larry was on the phone with the hospital and all dressed.   I was still sitting there.  Crying and trying to breathe.   Then I stopped and took a few deep breaths and thought, ok think this through,  I am not cramping.  No pain, there isn't blood gushing out.  And for some reason I stopped crying and just knew in my heart the baby was ok. I guess I just think i would know if something was wrong.  I just kept saying,  you are going to be ok,  I know it.   And then kept breathing so we could relax. 
We got to Boston and the nurses were not freaking out so it can't be that big of a deal right?  There was no more bleeding and again I was still feeling fine.   So we sat and waited but soon after my nurse came in, drew blood and then immediately found the baby's heartbeat!     Ahh I can relax again, she is beating at 150 bpm! Nice and strong.   After hours of sitting there,  I was given a pelvic exam where they said my cervix is closed and looks good.  Then eventually I had an ultrasound!  I need to start tracking my ultrasounds,  it's possible I may break a worlds record.   There she was, rolling around in there, heart beating,   A sight I  love to see!

What they did find was that my placenta was bruised, a hematoma still in there, but that there is no detachment or abruption.  Oh and this happens.   So not to worry.  Right.  Not related to the chemo, just a general problem that can happen in pregnancy.  But call anytime and come in if it gets worse.  Go home and take it easy... no pelvic movements!  So I did.  Basically sat around all Saturday night and Sunday.   And nothing worse happened.  Baby and I are doing fine!  Just cannot wait until August!

So a bruised placenta? Anyone ever hear of it?  Now you know!  And yet another thing to not freak out  about.  


  1. You are soooo brave! I would have been on the bathroom floor FOR SURE...especially after all you have gone through to get to this point! This little girl is an absolute miracle, well and a life saver! She needs a cool name like HOPE or FAITH....maybe a middle name LOL! Glad everything was ok : ) and thanks for the awareness you continue to spread regarding both fertility/pregnancy and breast cancer!!!! love Christy

  2. You sure had alot going on Saturday. Congrats to you and Larry. I agree with Christy - this baby girl will be an absolute miracle and she has a very brave Momma.

  3. So glad you and the baby are ok. What a scare! I have never heard of a bruised placenta but then I am not a nurse or OB doctor. That must be one strong daughter.
    Mom B

  4. Becky as difficult as it was and I too cried for you, Larry and our baby, we have to believe that you are in the hands of God and His mother and she has you wrapped in her veil. After you called me that morning and I cried, I felt peace and my daily prayer is that Jesus gives you comfort and peace as you travel this journey. AND, I think YOU should "spoil" your daughter then we can deal with that "spoiled daughter". LOL Love, Mom

  5. Bed rest!! I know I would absolutely die if I had to go on bed rest for any reason. Ironically most days I wish I could be in my bed ....resting....ha ha! But really, I think resting is the best for you. Let your placenta grow stronger. Rest when you can, work only when you have to. Your baby is so strong...she is just stealing all of your energy! Ha ha!

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