Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Results came in.. May 4th, 2010

Finally today my surgery results came in.  There were still cancer cells found in the ducts and the lymph vessels,  but not in the tissue.   Also 6 out of 10 nodes removed had cancer in it.   I dont know what all of this means yet... it was a quick conversation.  But I do know I will be starting chemo on monday.  Tomorrow I am taking my glucose screening test for gestational diabetes.  Other than that my arm is half numb and half tingly.. and I do my arm exercises each day!  xoxo


  1. Do your arm exercises consist of 'fist pumps'? Cause you are good at that! ;-)

  2. omg your arm hurts and you were picking up my kids last night. I feel terrible!!!! I hope your okay.

  3. Love that orange drink....mmmmmm! (NOT) Hope all goes well with the test!