Monday, May 10, 2010

Live from Boston, it's Chemo Monday! May 10, 2010

Hi, reporting live from the Dana Farber 10th floor infusion room! Time to fight this B*tch!!! Long day so far and still no chemo...yet.  We got here at 10:45 and I had blood drawn, IV in place for the day.  Then met with doctor at 11:30.  She said i look good and scars are healing well.  Then up to 10th floor on time - 12:30 - for my scheduled chemo.   But, they were way off!  Luckily they give you a pager so we went for lunch and a little walk.  At 2 we got paged to come up... but just 10 more minutes turned to 1.5 hours.  And at 3:30 I am in my chair!  Just got a dose of fluids and nausea meds.  And soon the chemo will start.  I think.  

So far I am doing well. No breakdowns yet but people keep asking me if i am ok, makes me wonder if i should be crying or something.  Maybe cause I have Larry making me laugh? Everyone needs a Larry.  I am  the youngest person in treatment and in waiting rooms.  Many people wear hats or scarves.  The people are nice and there are plenty of snacks, fruit and water.  My chair is near a window with a view of another Boston building but I also have Larry to stare at! 
OK 4pm and I had my first chemo.  The red stuff!  4 huge syringes of this bright red gel like liquid got pushed into my veins for 30mins.  And now the other drug is slowly dripping into my arm via IV.    I have an hour of this.  The woman next to me is offering me some prunes!  AHH fun times ahead!  Oh good news. I passed my glucose test from Friday!  No diabetes, bring on the chocolate ;)   Time for Dr. Oz.  Yes we have our own tv too!  

Ok no Dr Oz, instead talked to my neighborhood who asked if i was Italian!  Everyone loves an Italian esp when it comes to talking about food!  Then at 6pm my chemo was done!  And we headed home, got my meds and now Larry is making dinner.

I actually feel fine.   I'm constantly drinking water and I'm a little hungry! I had a burst of energy so I vacuumed a little..but I'm over that.  Now couch bound for the night!   thanks again for all the love and support!   xoxo


  1. Becky I LOVE reading your blog...I check in daily to get a dose of your positive attitude! Glad your first treatment went well!!!! My entire family is praying for you....lots of love Christy

  2. Hi, Becky. This is Cassandra (Anita[your mom's neighbor]'s granddaughter). I just started reading your blog after my mom told me about it and I'm enjoying it. You have a great attitude!

  3. Thought of you all day and glad you are feeling ok! Love reading this blog everyday! You are a huge inspiration to all of us and we all stand behind you 100%!!!


  4. Good Luck, Becky. Avoid citrus for two days. They made me throw up after chemo. - June

  5. good luck to you. i am sure it is tough thinking about all the stuff going into your body and the side effects (or potential ones). when my mom went through this i told her that it HAS to be the strongest stuff possible to combat the cancer, and it's temporary (in the grand scheme of life). my friend stacy went through this for much of last year and now she's fine. you will be too. --- Brian W.

  6. It always gets worse before it gets better. Just keep thinking ahead to that little girl and to your family. Larry and Baby Byrne will need you to be strong! You need you to be strong! All they other people in that room may have been older than you...but they don't have the energy and strength of a 34 year old like you capitalize on that! :) I hope all is well with you. Hmmmm I am about ready to donate my hair again to Locks for, time for a cut don't want a blond wig do you? ha ha!

  7. Becky,
    You were in my thoughts and prayers especially Monday during your Chemo.
    I also went to a bible study last night and we prayed for you and the baby.There are people praying for you who don't even know you.
    Stay strong.
    We Love you!!

  8. Rebecca,

    Whatever they tell you to drink in liquids (90 oz a day) - drink more than that. TRUST ME! And eat the prunes. Between the normal hormones of pregnancy and combined with chemo - this was one of my most unpleasant side effects!! I'm sorry it took SO long but you have one down!!! Yay! Thinking of you daily still....and I'm so glad Larry makes you laugh! It makes this trip a little more fun! xoxo

  9. Hi, Becky. Just wanted to let you know (I had meant to post this in my last comment) that I'm praying for you, also!

  10. Hi Rebecca, I read your blog and find you to be very positive and upbeat about the whole process. That is how you will beat this and and have a rest of your whole life to enjoy with your precious daughter. You're in our thoughts, and prayers... Tijana and I will be keeping you in our thoughts this weekend for Avon Walk. We're doing it for you, us and every other women suffering from this desease...Love, Danijela B. (LJ's sister)