Sunday, May 2, 2010

Last day of R&R... May 02, 2010

Friday I was able to have my drainage tube removed!! Larry and i took another quick trip into Boston, and soon after the nurse pulled out my drainage tube and said I was healing very well. I finally got to put on my real bra! Larry and I laughed tho, my left boob is so swollen that the bra makes me look like I have one huge D cup boob and one small B cup boob! When we got home Sarah was here to take me out for a little while! And of course, started spoiling her soon to be niece with the cutest outfits. She really is the BEST sister!

Still no results back from my pathology and no date for when chemo will start. Not sure why this one takes longer but I have called a few times and still nothing. So instead I am just enjoying this wonderful weather and my weekend with Larry, relaxing around the house and yard. Larry leaves tomorrow for a work trip and I get to go back to work!

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