Monday, May 24, 2010


OK answer to the quiz... .at least my answers! Great job everyone!

1. Hair growing in odd places, like chin - Pregnancy and just being Italian i think! Hair everywhere!

2. Constipation - Both and together makes it the worse side effect

3. So Tired - Both, early pregnancy I was very tired, then after chemo i was tired around day 8-9, and I'm sure it will get worse as I become more pregnant and chemo builds up. And then no sleep when baby is here!

4. Boobs sore - Both for me. Early pregnancy they were sore and now they are painful sometimes, I think from the surgery or the nerves coming back.

5. Going Bald - All CHEMO.. unless you count pulling out your hair as you are having contractions and pushing!
6. Nausea - Both, altho I was lucky to not have nausea while pregnant and first round of chemo I was good too!

7. Bloody Nose - Tricky one. For me it was pregnancy. I got them in the first trimester and then again recently and my baby books said it's common in 5th month as well. As for chemo I wasn't warned about bloody noses but I did read it could happen!

8. Increased Appetite - Pregnancy!

9. Crave Ice Cream every night - Pregnancy!

10. Mouth Sores - Chemo. And man does it hurt. Right now I have a canker sore.. brings me back to when I had braces!

11. Weight gain - Another tricky one. Obviously you gain weight in pregnancy. So far I have been good. She has been living off the land I guess and I am the same weight as I was last summer.. for now anyways! And sometimes people gain weight on chemo! The steroids in the nausea medicine can make you hungry and being tired or weak you can just sit around for days, so no activity will make you gain weight. And then all that water! BLOATED! haha.

12. Memory Loss - Both and old age! Bring pregnant you can just forget things.. someone called it placenta brain? And then having cancer and chemo and all the appointments and things going thru your head.. I forget everything! And drop things too.

13. Weird feelings in the lower abdomen - Pregnancy!! Baby moving around in there! Best side effect ever!

I also forgot hot flashes!!!  I think both!

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