Sunday, June 6, 2010

Last weekend's Birthday recap! May 29-31st!

Last weekend I turned 35 and had a great long weekend celebrating with some of my best friends and family.   Saturday I went to Michelle's... 9 college friends and 7 kids, lots of food, drinks and laughter.   My first day showing off my new wig and my bald head.  My friends make me some comfortable, I know I can just be who I am and they don't care!   They all wore pink!  Even the guys.   And pink balloons everywhere!  I was able to take off my wig and show them my peach fuzz... and by the end of the evening and some friends and kids tried it on!  Thanks again everyone!  Love you!

Sunday the celebrating continued with a cookout at my parent's home, with Sarah and Jesse, Grandma, my aunt Dianne and some neighbors!  Great ribs Dad!! Again sporting the wig but especially because it was so hot out, I took my wig off for everyone and stayed bald a lot of the day.   Everyone made me so comfortable and most of the day was baby talk and baby shower talk!  Being around Sarah is the best cause we talk baby stuff so much! It is so fun going thru this with her! And of course we had a little fun!  Joking about the upcoming delivery and how my mom will be! I surprised some people and threw on a blond wig for cake time!  And yes I got a barbie doll cake!  I do every year- you can never be too old for a doll cake!  And the best laugh of the day, my Gram, who is always up for anything, had fun with me too... trying on my wig!  Thanks again family! Love you!
Monday Larry and I relaxed and enjoyed the day off, laying on the hammock and grilling up dinner! And of course watching my (I mean our) new tv!

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  1. Haha love Grand ma DiCicco! She kills me! Glad you had a great birthday weekend!