Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chemo dose 3!! Live from boston

Here we go again!  Sitting in my recliner, 10th floor, getting the red stuff now!  Today was an afternoon appointment so I was able to work a half day then we came out.  Blood work and meeting with NP was quick and everything looked good.  Then we waited about an hour an a half to be taken in.   Larry had to leave for Colorado at 4pm but luckily I have Debbie with me!   Just finished the red stuff and now I'm on to the IV.  This place is much quieter this time, probably because it is so late.  At least we will be missing traffic since we will be here for a while!   My plan was to write out my thank you cards but my IV is right between my thumb and index finger on my right hand... so i'm not sure how that will work.. I'm typing with my left hand and one finger! 

Other than that.. not too much new.  The other day I was so sick of my peach fuzz falling everywhere and itching.. so Larry and I shaved my head more; almost down to the skin in some places... I think now I need to take a hand razor to it and shine up my head!  And my eye glasses fall off if I look down!

Hope everyone is well!


  1. Like a shiny new penny! Why do your eyeglasses fall down now? Oh dear, what am I missing here...

  2. Becky - your eyes sparkle, your face glows, your heart is warm...and you continue to shine!
    You can always purchase those "eyeglass strings" people wear around their neck!
    Love, Mom