Monday, April 19, 2010

Wigs and Cribs?!? April 17-18, 2010

Wow what a weekend! My BC crew is so amazing. Weekends are great times to distress and forget about the cancer for a while.. as much as you can.. but sometimes things have to get done. Today was a great combo. First the girls went with me to look at wigs. I was scared at first but after trying on a few it got better. The wigs aren't that bad, they look pretty real although I had a hard time adjusting to the different colors. Sorry Larry, I will not be going platinum blonde for you! We found a couple that would work, and matched my color well (minus my grays!) These were all synthetic which are easy to care for but I may try on some real hair ones as well this week. Then off to a fun lunch and then Babies R Us.

New moms to be - find an experienced mom to help you register!! OMG I think registering is more overwhelming then trying on wigs!!! There are 10 different kinds of everything, 10 different bottles, 10 different pacifiers, 10 different blankets, 10 differnt cups, bowls, and spoons! You need a seat for this age, and another seat when it is bigger, and a stroller for this and a stroller for that.. Choices are great but wow there are just soo many to choose from. Eventually I was just scanning anything. My moms were such a great help, telling us what works, what we need, and what is a waste of money. By then end of the shopping I had already forgotten about the wigs!
And then ice cream to end the day! Thanks Michelle, Anne, Mom and Sarah, for both the support and the advice!! I am so lucky to have you in my life.

I headed down to RI to spend the evening with Sarah and Jesse. I slept great, shopping wore me out, or maybe it was the pizza! The next day I visited my grandma for a little then off to my friend’s house for dinner and laughs. And so they could say goodbye to my boobie! Thanks Ashlee&PJ and Laura&Mike! Again, hanging out with friends on the weekends just helps so much!!! You know they care about you, will listen to you, are there for you, but also just talking about other things, watching the Hangover, makes you forget your problems for a few hours.  Watching the Hangover would make anyone laugh and forget about the tears!

So many times I cry (yep the strong girl cries too and it’s ok!) and want to give up, cancel the surgery and the chemo, move to the Caribbean to just chill with the locals, But after seeing my friend’s kids this weekend, ages 5, 4, 10 months and 4 months, and then coming home and holding my lower belly, reminds me why I need to fight so hard to beat this cancer; if for nothing else, for my baby.   xoxo


  1. Becky you strength is truly inspiring...I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, stay strong!!

  2. Ok... so when the cancer is gone and when the baby is a little bigger, maybe you can come down to the Caribbean to visit me? Mi casa es tu casa, amiga!