Thursday, April 8, 2010

My PR manager, my support group and my inspirations. March 13th, 2010

Throughout the weekend, as more and more friends and family learned about my breast cancer, the prayers began and their worry and concern took over. Since everyone wanted to give me space, or maybe didn’t know what to say to me, Sarah became my PR Manager! Everyone would email or call her for updates. I feel bad, she automatically took on this struggle with me, while she should be enjoying her first pregnancy too! We should be talking about baby names and morning sickness, not cancer treatments. But we will, and we do, now.  My sister, best friend, and now PR Manager, I probably should be paying her!

My husband, family and friends… and more friends… giving me support, messages, texts and prayers. And laughs… lots of laughs, some too dirty to share! “get the biggest implants you want!” “Free boob feels” or from Larry, “No Pity Parties!” “ Free breast exams from an expert!” Laughter definitely keeps it less stressful, so keep it coming, not much can offend me.

While spending the weekend reading every cancer website I could find, I came across two inspirations. First, as I was searching images of breast cancer, I came across a photographer who photographs breast cancer survivors. A week ago I was thinking about maternity photos, images of my baby resting on my breast and now I don’t know if I would have a baby or a breast to lay it on. His website had something different. Beautiful pictures, women showing courage, strength and happiness. These photos touched me so much, finally an image of peace, not pain. (a link to the photos will be added soon!)
Second, on the young and strong survivor website (link to come) I was skimming through the bulletin boards. I noticed a few other women who unfortunately were also pregnant with cancer. And then I found one post, oddly almost an exact resemblance to my life. She was 33 years old and 14 weeks pregnant when diagnosed with breast cancer. She had chemo while pregnant and surgeries too. She lives nearby and even her name is Rebecca! I wrote her and immediately she reached out to me. Someone has sent me an angel. I met her and her daughter, now 2, and healthy, playful and talkative just like any other 2 year old you know! Just to see and talk to someone who went through all of this recently and survived! It gave me so much hope and peace as well as knowing I had someone who could relate to me and understand my pain.

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