Saturday, April 24, 2010

Home resting... April 24, 2010

Yesterday wasn't too bad.  My parents and Larry were with me in pre-op and we all heard the baby's heart beat and some kicking around noises.  I wasn't as scared this time in the operating room.  I was probably in surgery for about 2-3 hours and then in recovery.  Again I was able to hear the heart beat!  I don't remember much but eventually I made it to my not so luxury overnight room, tried to eat, got sick, then eventually felt better, took pain meds and slept.  Hospitals love for you to get rest but have no problem waking you up every 2 hours to see how you are doing and take vitals, or put the lights on to chat with the person next to you.  My boob is still here, wrapped up in a not so sexy velcro bra.   My arm pit, under the gauze, has a drain tube coming out of it which leads to a rubber storage bottle.  Kind of looks like a squeeze juice bottle, filled with kool aid. Gross.  I think I will have it for a week.  Don't worry, Larry took pics! I am definitely much more sore then last time.  I can walk around and do most things but my left arm can't lift very high.

However I am very lucky.  Larry picked me up around noon today with a lovely bouquet of flowers.  Then I came home to a super clean house thanks to Nancy A and my mom.  Laundry done, floors washed, clean sheets on the bed and homemade brownies!  Can't thank them enough.  And more pretty yellow flowers all the way from California! Thanks Jasmine!!   Tonight and tomorrow I will be relaxing with Larry, hand on my baby belly, with flowers around me, teddy bears to cuddle with and good food to eat!  Thanks everyone for your cards, gifts, messages, thoughts and prayers!  I can't do this without you! xoxoxo


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I have a breast cancer survivor patient who is also pulling for you out here in Oregon.
    Corri Dutto

  2. So glad to read Friday went well. Was thinking of you ALL day long! Even Riley and Jake asked me, "How's Rebecca doing today?" - they know you hold a special spot in my heart because of our shared experience. I love that everyone got to hear the baby's heartbeat! It's truly the shining light in this dark ride.....and it'll keep you pushing through! I have some survivors who would love to meet you when you feel better! xoxo