Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Family trip to Dana Farber - results suck April 14, 2010

Since Larry is away... my loving family was there for me today, Sarah, Jesse, Mom and Dad, all packed into 1 small car together! Reminded me of Italy! Half way into the ride Jesse brings out his lunch box, napkin on his lap, enjoys a turkey sandwich and yogurt, and snacks were passed around for everyone! My family is great for some fun laughs in tough times!! First we met the nurse for an hour and then the oncologist for another 40 mins of questions. So yes, the margins were not clean, cancer cells spread out like fingers on some sides and the size measured once removed was 2.2 cm. 9 out of 10 lymph nodes had tumor in it as well. So where does that leave me for options? Well not many. I can have a mastectomy now, within next 2 weeks, then chemo, then deliver baby at about 36-38 weeks, then round 2 of chemo and radiation. Or I can have chemo within 2 weeks, deliver at 32-34 weeks, and then immediately have mastectomy, round 2 chemo and radiation. Either way, I have to have it all done, but also my baby will still be ok.

Doctors and I are leaning toward having mastectomy now and chemo right after; get it out of me now.. all of it. And let the baby stay in me longer to grow. Tomorrow I will also have an ultrasound on my liver to make sure it hasn't spread there. Since my blood counts and markers were good, and I feel healthy, hopefully the liver will be cancer free.
That's it for now. Thanks for all the love and support. Going to bed to talk to my babies; via phone - Larry, via belly - baby :) xoxo

p.s. something funny i read today
Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders and says,
'Oh shit....she's awake!'


  1. Becky - it is always a pleasure to be with my beautiful daughters. I tried my very best to be good! Please know, prayers lay in the road where you plant your feet! This short prayer and memories we share from our friend Maya Angelou. This little light of mine I am going to make it shine - continue to "shine" Becky! Love you, Mom

  2. Oh Becky...get rid of those boobs! Who needs them anyway! Do what you can to keep that baby in you for as long as possible. Don't you love it when doctors give you options? And they don't really feel like options at all! I am praying for you ALL! Love to you all stay stong!

  3. Hi, Becky-
    You have the most beautiful upbeat attitide!! Amid the tears, you can laugh and joke. Bless your heart, sweet girl! You have always been a joy.
    You are going to make a wonderful mother, too!
    with love, Suzy

  4. Becky, I miss you and your amazing attitude! I am thinking of you all the way down here in Cancun. My best to Larry too!
    Love, Amanda

  5. Ah, jesse and his lunch and snacks. God forbid he spills the yogurt and then he'll whine. ha ha. You're all in this together, which is good. Now time to fight the battle and bring your baby into the world. And when it's all over and it's behind you, and the rain is done, we can do a huge fundraiser for others who are affected by cancer.
    - Brian W.

  6. Becky you are amazing with your strength which I am confident that you will beat this and you will be the best mommy ever! I love that saying and it is ALL YOU!!!! I have everyone I know praying for both of you and cannot WAIT to hear the words "I am a breast cancer survivor, now CANCER-FREE and this is my son/daughter" because that IS going to happen!!!

    Love and prayers,