Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Positive test result!!! Jan 5th, 2010

I remember that day so clearly. The doctor’s office called, my voicemail had a new message. I couldn’t wait until I got home and my sister couldn’t either. My friend Tijana and I went to a private area at work, and on speaker, listened to the message together. “I am happy to tell you, you have a positive pregnancy test result.” We screamed! I cried! My first positive pregnancy test ever! I quickly called Sarah (yes, before Larry) and then Larry and my mom and soon after my friends. A few days later my second test and yes, I’m still pregnant! I was never so excited, so ecstatic! Finally!

To make it even better, Sarah was having a baby too! And as fate may have it, we were both due on Sept 12th! It is so wonderful to be able to go through this experience with both your husband and your best friend! Maybe this is why it took me so long to get pregnant? So Larry and I could share the journey with Sarah and Jesse!
I cried when I had my first ultrasound and saw the heartbeat! We tried to remain cautious, but we were still so excited. Baby books and websites took up my free time, and it was better than imagined. As I slowly reached my 12 week milestone, I was both anxious and scared. The 12 week ultrasound would mean I could relax, enjoy my pregnancy! And tell everyone we were finally having a baby! My pregnancy rollercoaster ride has come to end.

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