Thursday, April 29, 2010

Relaxing... all week! April 25-29th, 2010

So this week I have been relaxing and recovering; which is nice but also can be boring. I’m really not a big cleaner (big shock huh) but I have changed over my closet, cleared out the baby’s closet, helped my mom with my laundry and started to plan Sarah’s baby shower!! I even washed a few windows! I’m getting used to the drain tube, gross but interesting, and I’m able to move around more normally, even cuddle with Larry without fear I will tear it out. I'm still not loving this white tight fitting huge ugly velco bra! Can't wait to rip it off and run free for a few days! No results back yet but I’m sure they are coming soon. I haven’t even thought about it too much, except that my house is full of beautiful flowers, gifts and many cards!! I love it! Thank you all! But planning Sarah’s shower and thinking about baby stuff is way more fun!

Speaking of…… today is my ultrasound day!! Take two! Hopefully this time we will find out the sex! Any tips? I heard to drink Orange juice to make the baby more active! So I will try that soon!


  1. Oh come on I loved seeing you in that sexy bra!!!! I think the Golden Girls wear that kind!!! haha Can't wait to hear about todays u8ltrasound!!!!! That baby better cooperate!

  2. haha funny thing is I almost typed "ugly grandma bra" but i think my grandma wears prettier bras! And i almost names you girls my golden girls! Sarah loves that show and i know we will all grow old together talking about everything!