Wednesday, April 14, 2010

early morning wake up call 1 hour ago

fyi - i just got this news..  tears still rolling down my face so i apologize for the mistakes..  usually i proof read or at least spell check.
at 7:30 am i got a call, i was thinking it was larry but no it was my surgeon.   calling to tell me about the results - not sure why they didnt wait until i was at the doctors today at 1 but anyways.   more bad news.  they didnt get clear margins..  cancer cells were trailing off on some sides so it is still in my breast tissue.  and yes it is in my lymph nodes.    i really dont know much more..   i dont understand why they tell you the bad stuff, make your mind go crazy for 4 hours,  then tell you the options.    hopefully there are options.


  1. Prayers are with you today Becks! THERE WILL BE OPTIONS! There has to be! I have everyone I know praying for you and the baby!

    Love Shelly

  2. Thinking about you today and I know that you are in the best medical care that is out there. You will get through this. I know today is a dark day, but it's going to get better.
    - Brian W

  3. oh sweetie, i am thinking of you. tons of love and support heading to you guys!
    Love, Melanie

  4. You are very strong willed, tenacious and positively thinking person. I know you can do this. You WILL get through this.