Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The 12 week Ultrasound and the Lump. March 3, 2010

The day has come! 12 weeks, time to see our baby! The ultrasound was amazing! The baby looked like it waved to us, moving all around! How incredible for something so small to have so many features. Like most parents, we were amazed, relieved, thankful and for us, the happiest we had been in 4 years! We were having a baby, and had the ultrasound pictures to prove it! And yes, that day we told everyone else we knew.

After the ultrasound we met with the OB and I had an exam. During the breast exam, she felt a lump on my left breast. I remember Larry had felt a lump a week or so back, and asked me about it, but I thought, being pregnant, my body and breast were changing and I wasn’t concerned. To be thorough, the doctor suggested I go have a breast ultrasound but assured me not to worry, 90% of breast lumps are cysts or non cancerous tissue masses. For the next few days it was on my mind, but I decided to stop worrying about it. I was only 34, there was no history of breast cancer in my family, why would I have cancer? The chances are so small. And I was pregnant! And I deserve to be excited about it! So I was.

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