Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fasten your seatbelt; you’re going on another ride! March 9th, 2010

Did I mention I HATE roller coasters and amusement parks?

I went in to the Breast Clinic, one of the youngest women in the room. I tried to remain strong, but I was scared. Because I was pregnant, I couldn’t have a mammogram so I was given a breast ultrasound. And there is was, my lump on the screen. Not nearly as exciting as looking at my baby. The doctor measured and took pictures and determined it was not a cyst. My heart and hope dropped a little. But still it could be just a fibroid. The only way to know was to do a needle biopsy, and within a half hour, 6 pieces of my tumor had been removed for diagnostic testing. I left scared, frightened, but again was told the chances are so small that it was cancer. Up and down. That happiness I just had last week was put on hold for a night as I waited for the results. And then March 10th came. (Read first post for details of that day)

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