Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cheers! Liver is good! April 15th, 2010

Finally a little good news this week.  My liver looks good! Cancer free from the ultrasound.  Sarah was with me today,  I had the ultrasound on so many organs, the tech even looked at my baby!  I got to see my baby again today rolling around moving its arms.  Then Sarah joined me and we waited.  The radiologist came in and said liver looks good and took a few looks himself and then said everything looks good.  Meanwhile we joked how Sarah is also pregnant and I asked the radiologist if they could quickly show Sarah my baby! He laughed and said yes, but I'm not doing it to her!  So Auntie Sarah saw her niece or nephew today!! Thanks everyone for the comments and support and keeping my spirits up!
So Cheers to a healthy liver!  Drink one for me!   xoxo


  1. Becky - I will eat nestle milk chocolate chips "to you". And, when you have my grandchild we will salute a glass of wine! Thank God there is chocolate in our life!! love, mom

  2. I'm so happy we finally heard some good news today...we needed it! And the best is I saw my little niece/nephew! I can't wait to meet him/her and let them know what an amazing mom they have! love you very much. xoxo

  3. Hi Becks,

    Thank you for sending me your blog - you are right I did need Kleenex! I am relieved to hear your good liver news. You have unbeatable spirit and enthusiasm, Becks, and I believe in you. If anyone can beat this, it's you! Love, Erin

  4. So happy to read this - you have no idea! I have goosebumps. Reading this brings me right back to where I was such a short time ago. Remember what I as little as 22 months, you will be on the tail end of this with your little munchkin....much like Reece and I. 22 months ago, I was still undergoing the taxol.....and you saw the HUGE strides I've made at regaining my health in such a short time. Not only that - you saw how AWESOME the little baby of mine turned out!!!! Chemo babies are smarter!! xoxoxoxo