Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Week 30!!

Today I hit week 30 of my pregnancy!  Scary huh!!  I'll be a mom before the summer ends!! I'm amazed at how well I feel after 3 doses of chemo..  But I'm in shock at how fast this is all going and how soon my little girl will be here!   Possibly 5 weeks!!
The mural on the baby room wall will be started soon.   The crib and furniture will be delivered soon...  and then we will put it all together!  Probably last minute but Larry and I work good under pressure!

Are there any last minute things I need to do?  or buy?  I'm sure I am forgetting something!!

Tonight we take our first birthing class..  should be interesting!  Thursday we have another baby check up! And then an infant CPR class. 

I will keep you posted!  And stay tuned for tomorrow!  Exciting news coming to the blog!

P.S.  Happy Birthday to my great friend Anne!!


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