Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Live from Boston! Last chemo before Baby!!

Today has gone well.  I was able to clean the house this morning..  Larry helped too!  and then off to Boston.  I quickly had blood drawn and then saw the nurse.. .thinking this was going to be a quick day.. but then it was 45 mins til I was able to see the doctor..    then eventually made it up to chemo at 2:30.. and they got me start at 3:30.   But my chemo nurse is great.  The red stuff got pushed through so fast and now I am on the IV bag.  Hoping this will go by fast too! 

So last chemo for the baby!  Bring on the prunes!   The good news is I don't start my next chemo until August 30th!  So I get over a month off!!    The bad news is I will be getting taxol and herceptin every week for 12 weeks!   My weekly trips to boston continue! These drugs also will take about 2 - 3 hours but they say the side effects are less...  which would be great for me since this chemo wasn't bad at all.   But I will have a great distraction anyways!  And I can bring the baby to chemo!  Probably not the first few weeks!

She is doing great.. moving around a lot!   4 weeks to go!   It is coming up so fast!  Ok back to downloading some labor music!   Thanks everyone!  xoxo

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  1. Taxol is a lot easier than the'll probably have to take decadron and benadryl prior to the taxol. Truth be told, the benadryl high would make me giggle for a good 20 minutes and then I'd sleep through most of the taxol treatment and wake up HUNGRY.

    Thank goodness there's a food court in Longwood...whoever was with me during treatment had marching orders to get me a meatball sub :-)