Friday, July 30, 2010

today is the day!! - 7 hours to vote for name- haha

i know its early and i should be sleeping.. this will be quick..   i just cant sleep!!  i couldn't eat anything after midnight... so they have me on an IV... so i am still filled with fluids!  and have to pee! and now awake for a bit.  

i think I'm still in shock it is finally happening.  I am very excited..a little emotional :)   a little nervous... not for the surgery -  just for her to come out and be ok.    I know she will be ok.. i just hope she will be ok right away!  after a quick view, my mom had to wait almost 15 hours to see Sarah after she was born.   thank god they do things a little different these days!   we had a tour of the NICU and everyone was so nice and they really want you to be involved a lot, hold her, skin to skin, feed her.  Those babies are tiny!  but so beautiful.  But I know they will take care of her and me!

Anyone would be upset if they had to wait 15 hours to see Sarah!!  And Sarah came out perfect!!  She is the best sister in the world.  I can't wait to see her and show her her niece!!   She has been by my side for this journey since we started trying in 2005!! I was really hoping I would experience some labor/contractions and she could come and see and watch and know what to look forward to!!  and also make fun of me with Larry.   They know I hate hot flashes!   But she will have to figure labor out on her own!  Hopefully with me by her side in September!! 

And my parents!!  After looking after kids for 26 years..  they will finally have a grandchild of their own to spoil!!!   Any my grandmother-  will be a great grandmother at 92!!    I just can't wait for them to see her! 

I think what will make me cry the most is seeing Larry's face!! Will he cry?  And him holding her.  He has been amazing.  reading everything, telling me everything and being by my side.  It was great to have him hang out with me today.. I hope he is getting a good night sleep at home cause it will be his last!!!  He will be a great dad!! 

Thank you everyone for helping me get thru 2010 so far!!   it has been crazy!! I couldn't have done it without you!!  

Soon all that WE ALL have been waiting for will be here!!!   And of course we will post a picture by Friday night.. I'm not promising but you know me by now! 

Love you xoxo

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  1. Best wishes beautiful! Today is truly the best day of your life all over again! There is absolutely NOTHING greater in this world than being a mom...having a family. I love, love, love Julia - and Reece (or Riley) would have been Julia had our last name not been Soulliere (think Julia Gulia from "The Wedding Singer)! xoxo