Saturday, July 17, 2010

Insomnia... 2 am.. 4 am... 6 am..

Insomnia!!!   5 am... been up for an hour and that's not counting going pee every hour and sleeping in between!! ... last night I was up from 2am til 4am and then again at 6 am.  I'm not sure if it's because of the nausea meds I take have steroids that keep me awake.. or  just anxious about having the baby too.  My body is tired and just wants to lay still...  but my head is awake!  Eyes wide open.     And then at 7am I typically fall asleep...  when I should be showering for work!   Why is it the best sleep is right before the alarm goes off?? or when you hit snooze? 

Any ideas to fall asleep?  Last night Larry suggested I count from 300 backwards by 3s.  Ok I did that and was still awake!   I try to come up with a dream to think about..   You know... I'm a hot skinny girl on a beach and a hot sexy guy comes along..  and then I cant roll over because of my belly or I have to pee again and that dream is over before he even bought me a drink!   Music maybe.. if I go into the other room.  But then I would need to take my 10 pillows with me!   Hopefully tomorrow.. well today I guess it is already I can catch up on sleep!  Last day of meds too. 

Maybe this is just adjusting me to when the baby is here!  Up all night!  Quick 15 min naps in between!

Well I'm heading back to bed... try again.  And I will rest all weekend!   Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.. but stay cool!  It will be a hot one!



  1. Hi Becky - an old fashion remedy is taking warm milk before going to bed...or when you are awake in between. Soft music or read for a short while. Nothing stimulating like television. Or like you said, mother nature preparing you for those "during the night wake up calls". That will be music to your ear! Love, mom

  2. I just delivered my 2nd baby on July 11th and had small bouts of insomnia as well. I'd fall asleep fine but if I woke up to pee I'd have trouble getting back to sleep too. I finally found a remedy: about 1/2 a banana (or more!)and a few swigs of juice. Worked like a charm! Slept so soundly..,

  3. God has blessed you with a beautiful daughter! My prayers are with you!