Monday, August 16, 2010

Emelia's two weeks in the Nicu... the facts

Emelia is doing great!  It still amazes me how someone so little and early can be so perfect..  and come from inside me.    Amazing too how this is what is inside Sarah right now!!!  I can not wait to see her baby!! As much as I want her to deliver soon..  I hope her baby waits until at least 38 weeks!!  

As for Emelia she was born at 3 lbs 9 ounces on Friday July 30th.. making her 2 weeks and 3 days old today!  She has been breathing on her own since that day, its getting really good at regulating her temperature, no heart issues or long apneas or slow heart rates.   And she poops!  A lot! Dad is a great diaper changer!   

She is really learning how to drink from the bottle!  Which is all we need for her to come home!  Right now she gets fed every 3 hours, taking every other from the bottle usually and then sleeps thru the next one. And after the initial weight loss.. she is now gaining daily..  for all you engineers - check out the graph for details!!  haha
We are hopeful that she will be in home in 2 weeks!  Besides that.. she loves to be cuddled!  Really by anyone but i think she enjoys her Kangaroo time with daddy the most!  She sleeps so well on him!

The NICU is just so wonderful!  Especially her nurses!  They love her and cuddle with her and take good care of her!  I have no worries she is in great hands!   They teach us so much too.  I feel more prepared each day and less scared.

I have so many pics that iI spend time editing..  but for now I have uploaded her first week on facebook and snapfish.  The link to photos is on the RIGHT TOP!!! 



  1. She is beautiful! Many, many congratulations!!

  2. She is beautiful! So happy that all are doing well! I can't wait to meet her and more importantly for you to take her home!