Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The big day has come!!

Now I can't sleep from excitement!  Just when it was getting annoying and old..  I was told Emelia could come home!  We were told this weekend it would be soon.. possible this week.  Then told on Monday it would be Wednesday but we still didn't want to get our hopes up.  Then yesterday we went over everything and I really believe today is it!!!   I am so happy.  Finally!!  Of course I'm a bit nervous and like every mom I will stare at her all night but I am so excited!  I think Larry is too since he didn't sleep much!   I had a great day with Emelia yesterday.  She really has changed and grown so much stronger and mature in her feedings.   To all you NICU moms...   there is a happy take home baby day coming soon! 
Of course I will write more when I have time!  and I know I still have more pics to post!   Oh and I feel great from chemo dose 2- my hair hasn't fallen out yet.. its really a thick peach fuzz these days...    and I haven't had any side effects from the taxol/herceptin that I can tell  yet. 

One more thing.. I met another young girl with breast cancer yesterday who is 26 weeks pregnant.  She has her mastectomy today and there is a chance she will have to deliver her baby.  Please keep her and her baby in your thoughts today. 

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  1. Wonderful news Becky & Larry! I'm so glad to hear Miss Emelia is coming home. Enjoy these moments. Praying for continued good news for your health too!!