Saturday, August 28, 2010

Adjusting to our new life

Emelia is home and we are loving every minute of it..  even the 2am minutes!   Wednesday was a big day!  We got to the NICU around 11am and I was still in shock, excited and emotional but kept it in as much as I could! We quickly went through last minute notes, dressed her in her new going home dress, took some pictures and gave lots of hugs!   We are so so grateful for the NICU and the nurses at the Brigham.  Marcy and her other nurses just loved her and kept her happy and healthy and we couldn't thank them enough!   We will miss them but will visit!!    The ride home wasn't too bad, Larry drove the best he ever has for me, slow and cautious, and I sat in the back watching her.  She didn't move, just slept the entire ride home.   Once home, a quick diaper change and feeding and then time to sleep again.   She adjusted very well.    That evening we had a little welcome home Emelia dinner party with the grandparents, balloons, flowers, cake and champagne!!  (first glass in 10 months!! )  Emelia even woke up for everyone with eyes wide open and all "smiles"  -could be gas :)    
     One of the best moments was a little later.. She had spit milk up thru her nose and was crying and I wanted Larry to help me clean her out but he was outside.. maybe too much was going on for her.    So I took her upstairs and walked around, holding her and talking to her, showing Emelia her new bedrooms.  And she stopped crying, and just stared at me, peaceful.  This was it, it is real, she is here.  I was a mom, her mom, and she knew it and she was comforted.  And together we just stared at each other knowing life would be great together!   I am so in love with her! 
    The first night was interesting.  It's so quiet at home compared to the NICU and boy does she make some noises when she sleeps!  Grunts and squirms...  I laid in bed and listened to her all night and every 5 minutes or so got up, looked in at her sleeping in her cradle, made sure she didn't spit up, was still breathing and then laid down again.  Repeat.  
At 1 am I took her downstairs so Larry could sleep and fed her.   This is my favorite time with her.  Just Emelia and me.  On my couch, no one around.  Feeding her as she looks up at me with those big eyes, and then holding her on my chest until she falls back to sleep.  
Thursday was a great day.  She met Grandpa Byrne who was in awe of her!   And she met her doctor who said she was doing great.  Now 4lbs 13 ounces!!   She also answered some questions and made us comfortable with the big change!   Then the metrowest news paper came and did a follow up article of us and Emelia being home (see link below).  He tried to get pics of her eyes open but she was just too sleepy!  And then later we took her in the stroller for a walk up and down the street!  She slept through it all but I know she enjoyed it!  
Friday was just Emelia and I most of the day, feeding and sleeping. She turned 1 month friday already!  She eats a great amount and can give us some strong burps! When Daddy comes home he takes her in his arms for hours!   Last night was a little easier for me to relax while she slept but she was pretty fussy after eating at midnight.  We will get there with the feedings.   We are just so happy and excited to have her home and inour lives!!

More pics to come soon.. I promise! 

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  1. Sounds like you all are just in heaven! Thanks for sharing your happy times :) Sounds like you are really enjoying her...these moments are a once in a lifetime!